Thinking about studying at the conservatory and you want find out what it’s like? Or you just want to follow some extra courses? During our masterclasses you can get to know the teachers from the Antwerp Conservatory.


Amaj vzw organizes masterclasses from Wednesday 17th till Sunday 21th of August 2016.

Classes are given by the teachers of the Antwerp Conservatory, every day from 9.30am till 6.00pm. On the last day of the masterclass there’s a small concert at 4.00 pm by the students.


This masterclasses are meant for students of the music academy (level: H1, H2, H3) who want to enter at the conservatory (preparation admission tests) as a well as for actual conservatory students who want to follow extra courses.


Students at the music academy (H1, H2, H3) can choose out of the following:

  • instrument/singing (1 hour a day of individual class with the chosen teacher)
  • 4 x 1,5 hour music theory/ear training
  • + possibility to play chamber music

Conservatory students can choose out of the following

  • instrument/singing (1 hour a day of individual class with the chosen teacher)
  • + possibility to play chamber music

Participants who follow instrument/singing/chamber music class can use a study room with piano.


Edwig Abrath, music theory/ear training
Sergei Edelmann, piano
Hans de Jong, saxophone
Guido De Neve, violin
Nikolaas Kende, piano
Marc Lamoen, music theory/ear training
Ivo Lybeert, clarinet
Alissa Margulis, violin
Luc Nielandt, oboe
Johan Rycken, flute
Vlad Weverbergh, bass clarinet
Koen Wilmaers, percussion
Bernd Van Echelpoel, tuba
Annelien Van Wauwe, clarinet
Steven De Roeck, viola
Korneel Bernolet, harpsichord


If you want to stay in Antwerp it’s for your own account. Suggestion:

Information & Contact

For further information about the masterclasses: +32 495 472 911 or The masterclasses take place at Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen School of Arts

AP Hogeschool Desguinlei 25
2018 Antwerpen
+32 3 244 18 00


Students at music academy (H1, H2, H3)

  • Instrument/singing/theory (main course): € 280
  • Music theaory/ear training: € 35
  • Chamber music: € 120

Students at conservatory

  • Instrument/singing: € 280
  • Chamber music: € 120

If you want to cancel after having subscribed, we will have to charge an administrative fee of € 40. Until 30 days before the masterclasses we can refund 50% of the registration fee. After that deadline we can only refund 50% when you can provide a medical certificate.

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